U.S. - Korea Organic Equivalency Agreement

On July 1, 2014, the U.S.–Korea Organic Equivalency Arrangement took effect. By implementing the conditions of this agreement, the United States and South Korea agreed that their organic certifications would be accepted as valid in both countries.

The agreement covers processed products containing at least 95 percent organic ingredients that were processed in either country. This agreement will open doors for processed organic food producers to enter Asian markets.

Since the equivalency agreement only details processed organic products, QAI has partnered with Australian Certified Organic (ACO), Australia’s largest organic certifier, to bridge this gap. This partnership allows QAI to bundle Korean and U.S. organic certifications for companies that want access to the Asian market for items not covered by the U.S.–Korea agreement, such as unprocessed foods, agricultural and forest products, raw food and livestock.

As one of the first certification bodies outside of Korea to gain South Korean organic standard accreditation, ACO provides a wealth of expertise on this standard. Together, QAI and ACO provide a professional, cost-effective, streamlined certification process by combining organic inspections.

For more information, please contact Jin Eldon at 858-200-9710 or jeldon@qai-inc.com.