EcoSocial Certification Adds Fair Trade Values to Organic Products in the U.S. Market

by Jackie Bowen, General Manager of Agriculture and Organic Programs at NSF International

This educational article introduces the U.S. organic market to EcoSocial certification, which promotes ethical trade by integrating organic, economic, social and environmental criteria in a single verification. The certification verifies total traceability and assures consumers that rigorous standards were met in the production, processing and trade of organic agricultural, body care or textile products, throughout the entire supply chain.

The paper explains how the EcoSocial program was developed and why it’s important, how producers and handlers can be certified, and the available EcoSocial product labeling options. This information is important for organic handlers (traders, distributors and processors) in the U.S. who want to demonstrate that their products or ingredients (such as organic sugar, oil, cocoa, soybeans and honey) are ethically and traceably sourced.

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